I confess I’m a bit of a snack fiend, so I’ve been looking forward to trying these Pressels. As you might have guessed from the name, these are pretzel-based snacks with a difference.

In fact, they don’t look much like pretzels at all. The pretzel factor is all in the ingredients. These little round snacks have all the crunch and flavour of a pretzel, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Pressels Crispy Pretzel Snacks

There are three varieties; Original (salted), Sesame and Everything (Sesame and Caraway) and they come in generous 175 bags that boast about the fact they contain 75% less fat than crisps. Presumably, that means I can eat three times as many.

Pressels Crispy Pretzel Snacks

Flavour wise, they’re quite similar to your average pretzel snack, but they’re really quite moreish. For me, this was a bit of a problem as they’re also quite dry. They’re crying out for some kind of dip to counteract that dryness.

That said, I’ve still managed to make my way through the best part of the Everything variety during the course of writing this short review. In fact, the more I eat, the more I’m enjoying them.

If you’re a pretzel lover, or just want something a little different – and a bit healthier – than your average bag of crisps, then it’s worth checking out Pressels. But you might want to pick up something to dunk them in at the same time!

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