I don’t know the first thing about Peruvian cuisine, so when a friend suggested Ceviche for lunch, I had no idea what to expect. But I trusted her recommendation, so we headed off to Frith Street and took up residence at the bar in front of the kitchen preparation area. My friend recommended that we start with a cocktail, and despite my half-hearted protests that 1pm was a bit early in the day, she easily persuaded me that the Pisco Sours were amazing. And she was right. Whatever time of day, if you visit Ceviche, you have to try one. They’re refreshing, tangy and very easy to drink. Ceviche Peruvian KitchenThe menu consists of a series tapas dishes, all of which sound amazing. I’m not a big fish eater though, so we went for meat & vegetable dishes: Rocoto Relleno Vegetariano (hot pepper stuffed with wild mushrooms in a garlic & thyme, white wine, cream & cassava), Chocolo Corn Cake With Avacado, Panza & Higo (braised pork belly with confit figs in Pisco) and Wild Mushroom Ceviche. Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen The first thing to say is just how beautifully presented each of the dishes were. They are mini works of art in their own right and almost (but not quite) too beautiful to eat. The flavours were perfectly matched too. Beautifully marinated, tasty and moreish. In fact, the only thing neither of us was sure about was the sweet potato puree that came with the pork belly which was a little bland and custard-like. Overall, our experience at Ceviche was great. The food was wonderful and the service was prompt and friendly. I can’t wait to visit again and further my Peruvian education. I might even try the octopus.

Ceviche Peruvian Kitchen, 17 Frith Street, London W1D 4RG

Tel: 020 7292 2040


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